Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sunshine Tuesday

Well the sun was shining and i was at work for just after 6am. Got lots and lots done and i only had a couple of coffees for breakfast.
By 11 i was starving and headed off to j o Neil's catering. Cheese tomatoes and mushrooms on toast with brown sauce was the order of the day and very tasty too !
That's Neil in the photograph, a very handsome man who makes a very nice sandwich or whatever you fancy really.
I was so hungry i ordered a chicken tikka salad box and a packet of snaps crisps for later on in the day.
By the time i had finished my private mowing it was very late and i headed home thinking about what to have for tea. Well i was in luck. Phillippa had cooked some fresh pasta and combined it with the left over chilli con carne i made the other day and the rest of the cheese bake. Well the chilli certainly improved with age. It tasted a lot better than the day i made it and the cheese bake was nice too.
A mega long day. 15 hours out of the house. Lets hope for a better day tomorrow !

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