Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wash out Wednesday

Well after the great day yesterday, today was a bit of a let down. I got to work early and made a good start but unfortunately the heavens opened and we had heavy rain again.
I was soaked through to the skin and to top it all on the way to fetch some parts to fix the mower shed i got a flat tyre !
Well i had no option but to get it changed so i could get back to work and carry on my day. However when my pal turned up to help me he bought 3 mcDonald's cheese burgers and i scoffed the lot ! I was soaked through and ravenous !
I went to another job later on and while toiling away i was served with tea and cake which was very enjoyable. Sorry i didn't take a photograph but sometimes i just haven't got the time to explain what i am doing :) !
When i got home my evening meal was a tremendous feast. 2 chicken Kiev's, homemade wedges, roasted onions and peppers and baked beans. Well done phillippa ! It was lovely. Then after the children had gone to bed we indulged in a bag of some new cadbury's chocolates with raisins and corn flakes. Delicious.
Off to bed now, got to be up for 5 in the morning. Goodnight all.

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