Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bad Friday

Well Friday was a bad food day, a great work day but a bad food day  :)
It all started when i got to the hardware shop half an hour before they opened and for the sake of something to do i went in to the supermarket next door for some bananas. Well the bakery counter had just baked the morning pastries and they were on offer at 3 for a pound so i bought and ate 3 of them. Just under 1800 calories !
Because i don't really have a sweet tooth i then went to my friends sandwich shop and had a sausage sandwich !
That is my days calories before 9 am !
Anyway lunch was a double decker chocolate bar and 3 packets of crisps.
I worked really hard so by the time i got home i was hungry and my wife cooked cheese and tomatoes on toast with salad.

Yes that is second and third helpings !
Late on for supper i had a bowl of grapes and strawberries but i don't think they really make up for all the rubbish i have eaten earlier in the day.
Better luck on Saturday.

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