Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday day trip to llangollen

What a great day. Up early and out the door with just an apple and a banana for breakfast.
We went on a family day trip to llangollen and what a great day we had. It was over cast and a bit windy but we had a great time on the steam trains and a fabulous picnic.
That is a picture of my wife and children enjoying there picnic of, chicken sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, quorn scotch eggs and some cans of Pepsi max !
What a feast.
We had another ride on the steam train and by then the sun had come out and we had a walk down by the river with doughnuts and ice creams !
We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed it.
When we got home the little ones were a bit peckish so we had some macaroni cheese for supper.
In all honesty it tasted even worse than it looked in the photos and i didn't eat much at all !

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I am so glad this blog is back!!

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